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jblovloss's Journal

10 October 1983
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Unlike other people, I don't mind labels. I just mind what people attach to them. It is important to know how to describe yourself, because the human mind is highly symbolic and needs basic knowledge to tackle larger things. It is important to me and my sense of personal identity. If anyone attaches things to my labels which are not true, then that is the problem of their own closed mind. They should ask first.

I am pansexual, which means that transgendered people are included in my erotic interests. I am hedonistic, focused on physical pleasure. As an atheist, I have no fear of retribution for my passions, save any that may be punishable by society. I do believe in strict social systems which protect us from one another, as from a purely selfish perspective it makes sense for everyone to want to live in a peaceful environment. Individual life, however, is a mold for us to shape or shatter. As such, I believe in socialism, taking power out of wealth and allowing it to flourish in personal life.

I think that says a lot. You may ask anything, I'm very free with what I think. Try me, there is nothing, and i do mean NOTHING, that I won't discuss.